About Time is William Kroll's design practice. Clothing, accessories, and textiles projects are designed in England and produced in Britain or Japan. Although each brand has a unique character, a common thread runs through them all: the acknowledgement of time taken to make a product, the time recorded in the wearing of a garment, the feelings evoked by the reproduction of clothes from another era, the recontextualisation of a historical fabric taken out of time.

You can contact William Kroll at william@abouttime.design. For a multitude of evolving perspectives on these projects, visit superfuture.

Tender Co., a British-made menswear brand, has its roots in antique workwear and machinery, especially from the Great British Steam Age. The nurture put into research and experimentation, design, manufacture and wear of these garments is as important to the brand as its historical reference points. Just as a gardener tends to a vegetable patch, or a shepherd is the tender to a flock of sheep, Tender's owners live with their clothes, wearing them hard, but respecting their provenance and the stories they have to tell.

Tender has been carried by stockists around the world since 2010. The Tender Stores offers a selection from Tender's current seasonal production, as well as dead stock, repeated runs of archival designs, and one-off prototypes.

GS/TP (General Service Time Piece) wristwatches take inspiration from the British military and ordnance instruments of the first half of the 20th Century. They are produced in a small factory in Tokyo, housing movements made in Japan by Miyota and Seiko-Epson. GS/TP watches are stocked internationally and through the Tender Stores.

Designed in England and made in Japan, Whooper finds its influences in deadstock and used American clothes of the recent past. These are not the rugged overalls of a forgotten age, but the clothes of our youth, taking flight to see the world. We believe that jeans honouring the technical innovations of the later part of the 20th Century prove as rewarding to wear as the artisanal shuttle-woven textiles of the 1870s. Built with integrity and efficiency, Whooper celebrates the era in which jeans became everyday wear. Whooper Jeans are stocked internationally and through the Tender Stores.

Christopher Brown is an illustrator and lino cutter based in London. This ongoing collaboration has seen Chris' original artwork printed onto Tshirts, watch dials, and home products.

THEN takes its inspiration from the great architects, designers, artists, and writers of mid-Twentieth Century Europe, Britain, and America. These were not members of the new youth culture, but literate, sophisticated practitioners whose ground-breaking work was rooted in an understanding of what had come before, and what would be next. Garments are produced in Japan, using fabrics woven in England from archival upholstery patterns.

aT is Tshirt project made in Japan using archival illustrations and artwork from around the world.

Sleeper is Tender's second line of basic garments. Archival British Rail uniforms are strictly reproduced in Okayama, using British and Japanese fabrics, with great care and attention paid to the details of the vintage garments being remade. Sleeper is stocked in the Tender Stores.

A portmanteau of ʻsomersaultʼ and ʻplimsollʼ, Somersoll shoes are lightweight and unstructured, reminiscent of tennis daps of the 1960s. Woven and assembled in England with 100% cotton canvas outers and linings, the real rubber cup soles are stitched on for durability, and the foot beds are laid with genuine tennis ball fabric, also woven in England.

Found MUJI is a collaborative project produced by Muji for their retail stores worldwide. Found MUJI 'British Industries' uses original textiles woven in the UK, reproducing and reinterpreting traditional British industrial fabrics.